Auto texts to your homeowner leads


We send instant texts to your leads so you connect faster and win more jobs 

We don't send new leads - we integrate with all major lead providers


Free 30 day trial | $49/mo 


Your lead provider sends you a lead


We automatically text

the lead for you


3 texts are sent to your lead over 2 hours

Our automatic, instant texts connect you to the homeowner first
Save time and reach leads before competitors, every time

We power millions of texts between contractors and homeowner leads nationwide

Founded in 2017, ContractorTexter has helped more than 1,200 home service companies across the US connect with their homeowner leads through automated texts

Happy Clients

Scott Johrde | CertaPro

HIGHLY recommend for the time savings and it's priced very fair. Texts are a BIG time saver. I would say overall, about half the leads use the links provided to schedule. Many customers comment that they like it.

Joe Goldman | Mr Electric

I came across a great text marketing tool, that cost a very minor amount of money per month. Darned impressive to the customer if, say, you're driving, or on the phone, and can't get to that prospect immediately. 

Eric Peschke | Luxury Bath

Multiple studies have shown that customers respond faster to texting than emails.  ContractorTexter has helped our dealers generate more leads, set and confirm more appointments, and generate more sales.

Creighton Tenney  | Floor Coverings Intl

ContractorTexter really gives me a competitive advantage. I definitely saw an increase in booked appointments upon signing up for their program. I highly recommend!

Terry Koubele | Five Star Painting

Well today your service may have just paid for itself. Mike received your text and he responded that he was available today or tomorrow. In fact, the client said he was going to sign the quote today.

Jason Gange | Floor Coverings Int'l

ContractorTexter has been a great addition to our lead gen follow-up. This is just one more way we can differentiate ourselves from our competition and allow customers to connect with us the way they want.

Peter Fitch | CertaPro

Immediate engagement is very very helpful. I don’t have quantitative data, but just because I haven’t looked at it. Other than that, I see when they text, 3-6 times a week. My office manager responds right away, I like it a lot.

Cedric Pollin | CertaPro

Really pleased, really increases lead catching. It’s a great additional way for them to go to our site. It’s a really nice service and I’m 100% for it. More times we touch them the more of a chance we get them.

Neil Covaleski | CertaPro

I began using ContractorTexter in an attempt to reduce slippage on my leads and. I have been very pleased. We have been impressive in comparison to prior and. plan on continuing to use this program.

Nate Coleman | N & N Electric

ContractorTexter is a service I have been using for over a year that works really well. I think you should let your customers know about it as it has been amazing and my customers really enjoy it.

Ben Fink | CertaPro

​I find the service to be helpful as an easy way to connect and a fast way to contact that lead. I think people like the less intrusive way of reaching them with a text rather than a phone call.

Daniel Whitfield Performance Roofing TX

We’re seeing an immediate lift in lead engagement! Historically, we struggled to reach leads by calls/emails. This service is immediate.. I am extremely pleased and it's paid for itself 10X.



Free 30 day trial


No set-up fee

No cancellation fee

No IT work needed 


Integration with 1 lead provider

Additional lead provider is +$19

Month to month, no contracts

Our texts are sent to leads you buy from lead providers (we don't sell leads)


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Yes we do !

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